Winter Cat Grooming

You may think that cat’s don’t need grooming in winter, when in fact they may need more grooming! The end of winter, my phone rings off the hook, as many cat owners have matted cats. Why is this? Because they have been matting for the whole of winter and have been putting off clipping theirContinue reading “Winter Cat Grooming”

Am I ready to add Cat Grooming to my business?

Short answer Yes, long answer yes. 6 signs you are ready to add Cat Grooming services to your salon 1. You know an employee who is keen, or you are keen, to learn Cat Grooming. And enjoy the company of cats! 2. Your business has clients that also own cats. Survey your clients, there isContinue reading “Am I ready to add Cat Grooming to my business?”

Why is cat grooming so costly?

There are so many reasons why a Cat Groom is at a high rate: Cat Grooming is a specialised animal care field, and should be treated as a specialty. Sedation and a shave at a vet is double, if not more, the cost than using a no sedation Cat Groomer, (when really the risk isContinue reading “Why is cat grooming so costly?”

Why do we wash cats?

You say: ‘I have never bathed my cat before, my cat is fine just licking itself clean?’ “Cat coats secrete oils naturally for both protection from elements and survival in the wild. Some cats can oversecrete oils due to skin issues, breed, and age. A build up of oils can cause matting, smell and skinContinue reading “Why do we wash cats?”

Desensitisation in Cat Grooming- Cat behaviour. There is another way!

Desensitisation Systematic desensitisation and counter-conditioning (DS/CC) are the main techniques that behaviour professionals use to change a cat’s response to a specific triggers (stimuli eg. water) in a variety of situations. In the Grooming salon these triggers include water, clipping, blow-drying, other cats and nail clipping. If done properly and slowly over period of time,Continue reading “Desensitisation in Cat Grooming- Cat behaviour. There is another way!”

Cleaning the Feline Face- while having a happy cat!

<![CDATA[ Having a brachycephalic/short nosed cat, can be super cute! Brachy breeds include the Persian, Chinchilla, Exotic Shorthair, Himalayan, British Shorthair, and Scottish Fold. But they can also come with some extra grooming needs.  A short nose means wrinkles in the face, and sometimes tear drainage issues (epiphora) causing smells. This results in a needContinue reading “Cleaning the Feline Face- while having a happy cat!”

Lockdown Reboot- Rising up after a lockdown in your grooming business

  Interview with May Wong – M Dog Grooming, Grooming with May May Wong is the Owner and head Groomer of M Dog Grooming in Mulgrave Victoria, Australia. May is known internationally for her high quality styling and online grooming video classes. From the 5th of August until the 19th October (11weeks), her salon wasContinue reading “Lockdown Reboot- Rising up after a lockdown in your grooming business”