We were nominated!

We have kindly been nominated for the Leibster award by the Business Classroom. This virtual award is passed down to other bloggers that are highly regarded by yourself. I need to nominate 11 bloggers- These bloggers are Jot it me down Animal Magic Pet Grooming- the good, the bad and the furry For Paws Dog TrainingContinue reading “We were nominated!”

How to wash a cat without losing your fingers!

So you want to wash a clients (or your own) cat?  I get asked this daily at the moment so thought easier to post it! It’s really not that hard!  Some of my kitty clients prefer bathing to clipping!  It’s the blow-dryer that scares most. Those grumpy kitties are usually best in the bath whenContinue reading “How to wash a cat without losing your fingers!”

Brush-outs and De-sheds

Brush-outs and De-sheds I do a lot of bath, blow-dry and de-sheds. I add a de-shed fee to every cat bath that doesn’t come every 4- 8 weeks, as there will be coat and oil build up taking longer and excess brushing to do.  To do a proper de-shed (brush-out or whatever you may callContinue reading “Brush-outs and De-sheds”

Time Restraints

I have read a lot of articles, studied vet nursing, watched webinars, read books, done modules and talked to a lot of groomers and they have all said the same  thing, I am going to forward this on to you for your and your clients. I see it constantly on facebook, people grooming cats taking 2-4Continue reading “Time Restraints”