Which way should I clip?

With or ‘against the grain’, it’s always a question I get asked. Many experienced dog groomers opt for ‘with the grain’, the normal to them. Usually, those learning cat grooming from the beginning chooses against the grain, or reverse clipping. I explain each option, and what I choose. What is ‘against the grain’? Clipping against-theContinue reading “Which way should I clip?”

Joint care when Grooming the Cat

When we are grooming cats, we need to think of the cat’s well-being and comfort, as well as the anatomy of a cat. If you ignore anatomy and the normal range of movement of the joints, not only does it cause the cat instant pain and discomfort but can cause long-term pain for conditions suchContinue reading “Joint care when Grooming the Cat”

Can a FIV+ Cat be Groomed Professionally?

Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) is transmitted from cat to cat by bodily fluids, such as bites, scratches, the womb, or mating. It is similar to HIV in humans, where it attacks the immune system, but cannot be transmitted to humans. FIV and HIV are both lentiviruses. However, humans cannot be infected by FIV (FIV+), norContinue reading “Can a FIV+ Cat be Groomed Professionally?”

Ways To Reduce Christmas Feline Stress

Are you having guests for Christmas? Or are you going to be out most of the holidays? Here are a few simple ways to reduce feline stress. Having guests: Make a retreat for your cat where they can escape (dark, temperature controlled, quiet area). Even a baby gate can help separate these areas. Have aContinue reading “Ways To Reduce Christmas Feline Stress”

New Year Plan and Review

It’s so important to use your time off after Christmas to not only rest, but reflect on the previous year, and plan for the new year. Items of reflection Retail Items selling, and those not selling. Are any wasting space or your time for how much you get make on them? Marketing What worked, whatContinue reading “New Year Plan and Review”

What should be in a new client form?

A new client form is such an important tool where you take the clients’ contact details and start the grooming consultation, which helps you, the professional, decide on the best grooming service for the individual cat. Client/agent name: This would be who is responsible for bringing the pet and the pet at time of dropContinue reading “What should be in a new client form?”

Preparing for Christmas time

Christmas photography themes I absolutely love taking Christmas photos! I start planning for the backdrop in October to allow for delivery of any backdrops. Choose your styling/colours/decorations/props/dress ups! Order or buy decorations (I love Kmart for this!) Set up a part of the salon so it is always there ready to go and takes a limitedContinue reading “Preparing for Christmas time”

Lion Clip Alternatives- The ‘Bolero’ Clip

What is the ‘Bolero’ clip? The ‘Bolero’ clip is completed using a #10 blade or 5-in-1 clippers on the rump of the cat’s body and leaving the coat anywhere from behind the shoulders to the lower back forwards, depending on the cats’ needs. Why is the clip named the ‘Bolero’? The ‘Bolero’ clip is namedContinue reading “Lion Clip Alternatives- The ‘Bolero’ Clip”