The truth about hairballs

How could I have forgotten to write about something like hairballs!?  Well, to tell you the truth, I haven’t.  I was kind of avoiding it.  It’s a bit of a personal post. Back, before kids, at the beginning of my career, I showed my cats. One of my cats, Holly, loved her shows, and IContinue reading “The truth about hairballs”

My Groomer recommended medication for my cat?!

Yes! Not all cats can be groomed without some help.   Some cats will show fear and stress, and we must reduce these stressors in order to reduce the risk of injury and health problems that can arise with grooming.  Please do not think worse of your groomer, they are thinking of the safety of yourContinue reading “My Groomer recommended medication for my cat?!”

There is nothing to FEAR in Cat Grooming

I find that a lot of groomers will not touch a cat as they fear so much biting and scratching and cats losing their mind! Let’s cover some rumours for cat grooming: Cats hate baths and go crazy with the dryer Actually, it’s rare a cat will ‘go crazy’ in the bath.  Slowly introduce theContinue reading “There is nothing to FEAR in Cat Grooming”

Don’t scruff the Cat!

Should I scruff a cat for grooming?  It’s the controversial question that everyone has an opinion over. I’m going to share mine! What is ‘scruffing’? Scruffing includes using a hand behind the cat’s neck to hold a large amount of skin, aiming to imitate the way a kitten’s mother transports kittens, causing a cat toContinue reading “Don’t scruff the Cat!”

The Importance of Business Relationships

Having business relationships, especially those in the industry, is extremely important for a Cat Grooming business. Why network? Referrals- I get a lot of referrals from Vets all over my city.  When I started my business, or when I needed a client boost, I sent out a letter and my cards explaining my services andContinue reading “The Importance of Business Relationships”

Arrrgh Fleas!

It’s getting warmer here in Australia, and that means fleas! Keeping up with your flea prevention is so important, especially if you have children, or cats that roam (or some that come into your backyard). If you find fleas on your cat, the first thing you should do is check your flea prevention. Only useContinue reading “Arrrgh Fleas!”

What I learnt from my first online Grooming Comps!

Want to compete in an online grooming competition and unsure what it’s like? I have always been one for grooming competitions, whether it’s the buzz of the adrenaline, or the need to improve in all breeds of dogs, being surrounded by like-minded groomers or the gratitude given by the dog owners for choosing their littleContinue reading “What I learnt from my first online Grooming Comps!”

Grooming Senior Cats

Senior cats make up the bulk of new enquiries in my salon. The problem with cats ageing, is that it happens without you even noticing, and then the next thing is the cat is matted! “Wait, my cats never needed grooming before?!” Their owners are unaware that cats do require help with grooming, especially asContinue reading “Grooming Senior Cats”