Just a few quick tips that every groomer should know before grooming cats;


  • Do not noose a cat! (Or put a loop/collar around its neck used for restraint)  A cats bone structure is different to a dogs, one quick launch away and pull on neck can severely injure or kill a cat.  I prefer to use my hands but you may use a figure ‘8’ Harness.\


  • Do not catch or hold a cat by its tail- same as above.


  • No dogs around is best- just the simple smell of dogs groomed before a cat, noises of dogs or blow dryers if not use to, can cause a cat to stress out or act differently.


  • Do not use flea shampoos or sprays containing permethrin, it is toxic to cats, I prefer to use not flea shampoos


  • Do not be afraid to send a cat to a vet for sedation- if the cat is in danger of inuring itself or you it is not worth it.


  •  Remember cats are different from dogs so do not treat them the same!  Most cats will not let you get away with it, you cannot tell a cat what to do, or to sit still.  You cannot handle a cat the same or expect it to stand like a dog.


  • Try not to spend time grooming a cat for more than an hour, prolonged stress can KILL a cat! (sorry but I cannot stress this enough, the less time the better.)


  • Panting is a sign of stress, not thirst.


  • Got an angry cat?  Wash it first, it will completely change its mind!


That’s it for now 🙂


The Fancy Feline ‘Cat Guru’



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