Cleaning the Feline Face- while having a happy cat!


Having a brachycephalic/short nosed cat, can be super cute!

Brachy breeds include the Persian, Chinchilla, Exotic Shorthair, Himalayan, British Shorthair, and Scottish Fold.

But they can also come with some extra grooming needs. 

A short nose means wrinkles in the face, and sometimes tear drainage issues (epiphora) causing smells. This results in a need to clean between these folds and extra tear production and staining. Daily, or even twice daily is recommended.

Forgetting to clean your kitty’s face, can result in some nice crusty pieces to clean up next time. This can also lead to bacterial and fungal infections to grow. In this case, you will need something stronger than warm salty water.

I recommend and use Progroom facial, and have done so for years.  Many customers have also continued to use it daily.  It can be used in and out of the bath, no need to rinse. 

Out of the bath I add the foaming facial (which can be watered down to your liking) on a non-scented baby wipe, using my fingertips to get into the folds. For kittens you may use cotton tips carefully. Make sure you never get any facials or liquids into the short nasal cavity or eyes. If your cat has skin issues, always discuss any product use with a vet.

This product can also be as a leave in shampoo spot clean for any toileting issues. Learn more here.

Severe brachycephalic in Persian and related breeds | International Cat Care (

Berry Bright Facial Foam Cleanser – 200ml Foamer bottle (

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Who am I?

I’m Lexie Goldsmith,

My slow introduction and low stress handling techniques have been proven over 14 years of grooming cats without sedation and many happy clients, being the go-to cat groomer in my state.

I am contacted regularly by people all over the world wanting to learn cat grooming from me, and this makes me excited to see students now grooming cats with my videos, instructions and support.

I am a Qualified Veterinary Nurse, Pet Stylist and Master Cat Groomer, available for your cat grooming education needs.

Come join me on your cat grooming journey, I promise you will not be disappointed, I have a 30day money back guarantee for all courses.

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