The Importance of Business Relationships

Having business relationships, especially those in the industry, is extremely important for a Cat Grooming business.

Why network?

Referrals- I get a lot of referrals from Vets all over my city.  When I started my business, or when I needed a client boost, I sent out a letter and my cards explaining my services and what I can help their clients with. Referrals also come from Vets that see your work, so it’s good to know what Vet clinics your clients also use.

Injuries- If a client has an existing injury or becomes injured in the salon, the local vet will understand you and your business, and hopefully be more supportive if an accident would occur.

Emergencies!  I always go to the closest vet for in case of emergency, so it is best for them to know who you are and why you are on your way (collapse, seizure, bleeding). Make sure you introduce yourself to the closest vet, and have them aware of your service location/s.

Pet Shops- Knowledge of what products are available at local pet shops helps when you are needing to refer them to buy a tool or if you are asked for information.   Pet Shops are also asked daily for groomers to refer, so a bunch of cards wouldn’t go astray regularly.

Other Groomers- What if you drop and break your blade, or your clippers stop and you don’t have your back up?  Its important to build relationships so you can help each other in time of hardship.  It’s also great to know their services and availability if you need to refer possible clients you cannot assist.

Catteries/Pet Sitters- For referring to when clients ask, many will also refer to you for grooming.  Sending a letter to have them aware of your service, and a pamphlet on recommended tools for them to use on  their clients, may help build understanding.

Feline Behaviourist (or a Canine Behaviourist too if working with them)- For those cat clients with aggression or stress problems in grooming or home life.

Can you think of any more relationships a Grooming business should have?

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Who am I?

I’m Lexie Goldsmith,

My slow introduction and low stress handling techniques have been proven over 14 years of grooming cats without sedation and many happy clients, being the go-to cat groomer in my state.

I am contacted regularly by people all over the world wanting to learn cat grooming from me, and this makes me excited to see students now grooming cats with my videos, instructions and support.

I am a Qualified Veterinary Nurse, Pet Stylist and Master Cat Groomer, available for your cat grooming education needs.

Come join me on your cat grooming journey, I promise you will not be disappointed, I have a 30day money back guarantee for all courses.

More information on my courses here

Lexie the Cat Groomer Teacher

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