So today I had another cat show. I show my companion cats at least 3 times a year, it helps me keep in touch with breeders, make new clients and show off my grooming. No I don’t have any pure breeds. Mostly rescues.
Today I received 2 rosettes which is my average.

At the show today I also made 2 clients, one a breeder and one her daughter. Breeders/cat show people find it hard to keep up with all pets too and I love that I am the go to girl for advice and products recommendation.
Of course not everyone wants my help (there are a few greasy kitty’s there!) and some cats that need a good brush! But I don’t tell them that, don’t want to get in anyone’s way.

Every judge comments on their grooming and I would hope they are the best groomed or I am in the wrong job 😉
Most judges if you listen, will explain the breed, colour, and standard of the cat they are judging. (Obviously except companions no breed standard)

It’s always good to pop in a cat show now and then to learn some breeds, colours and network.

Lexie xxx


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  1. lorna Avatar

    Hi, We own Dewberry Dogs & Cats in South Boston MA. we bath, shave, haircut, combout alot of cats from 5 to 10 a week. I have been grooming for over 30 yrs. my one daughter over 15, other daughter over 5. I would like to be a master groomer but its to expensive and I don’t have time

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