De-matting, Why don’t you recommend or teach removing mats?


Why don’t you recommend de-matting?

De-matting with de-matting tools is a high-risk grooming procedure, cat skin is so thin and easy to damage, (on average 0.4 – 3.6mm compared to dogs 2.6-5.2mm), not to mention the quick movement of an unpredictable animal.
Is it worth the risk of an unhappy cat and owner, and the costs of closing the wound that could be in the hundreds?
Most vets will clip a knot in consult if asked to. I have clipped cats many times to find old wounds that the owner did not notice when de-matting that they had in fact, cut their cat. In my experience, it is much safer to clip out mats, then to try and break a mat up that is already removing itself from the skin. De-matting includes cutting and pulling the coat causing damage. These damaged hairs can then easily form a matt again due to the state of the hair shaft after using de-matting tools.  Therefore, there is no reason to make a cat angry and de-mat! 

When a cat has a mat close to the skin and you pull to try and comb it out, you will pull all hairs that are not ready to be released causing bald spot. This is a normal reaction, as when matting in natural environment, the cat will remove the mat itself.

Please seek a professional Cat Groomer (who has knowledge of cat’s anatomy and experience with clipping safely) or a Veterinarian when choosing to remove a knot from your cat.



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