What is the ‘Bolero’ clip?

The ‘Bolero’ clip is completed using a #10 blade or 5-in-1 clippers on the rump of the cat’s body and leaving the coat anywhere from behind the shoulders to the lower back forwards, depending on the cats’ needs.

Why is the clip named the ‘Bolero’?

The ‘Bolero’ clip is named after the Bolero jacket, a short, cropped jacket you may wear with a dress.

Why would a cat receive a ‘Bolero’ clip?

A cat owner may require clipping be removed, but prefer the majority of the coat to remain.

There are many reasons why a cat may need this style; age, over-grooming, under-grooming, matting removal in winter, health, overweight, surgery, and skin conditions that may require topical medication, or they just like the style!

What does a ‘Bolero clip look like?

CFMG, Julie Dorman-Ogden, You Had Me at Meow Cat Grooming shares her stunning work in the photos below.

More Lion clip alternatives in Clipping the Feline Online Grooming Course.

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  • Clipping the Aggressive Cat
  • Mat Removal
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