Are you having guests for Christmas?

Or are you going to be out most of the holidays?

Here are a few simple ways to reduce feline stress.

Having guests:

Make a retreat for your cat where they can escape (dark, temperature controlled, quiet area). Even a baby gate can help separate these areas.

Have a retreat up high from any unwanted pats or touches.

Use feline pheromones such as feliway or rescue remedy for days prior to the guests. There are also now pheromone collars and nature calming treats and homeopathy such as zylkene.

Try not to change your cats routine of eating, access to outside and areas if possible.

Try not to take over your cats favourite areas to rest. I know it can be hard not to!

Remind your guests not to touch the cat unless they come up to them.

Try not to have any scented candles, oils or diffusers as this can also trigger a cat to become stressed.

Leaving the house

Again, try and keep routine the same, such as having a friend come to feed at the correct time or using an automatic feeder.

Keep the house the usual temperature.

Have access to their favourite areas open (not possible of course if only supervised outside)

Homeopathy such as zylkene and pheromones can reduce stress

Cats like to hide stress signs, and if your cat stops eating, drinking or is urinating out of the litter box, they will need to see a vet ASAP.

Learn more about feline behaviour and stress signs in Behaviour for the Cat Groomer online course

Who am I?

I’m Lexie Goldsmith,

My slow introduction and low stress handling techniques have been proven over 14 years of grooming cats without sedation and many happy clients, being the go-to cat groomer in my state.

I am contacted regularly by people all over the world wanting to learn cat grooming from me, and this makes me excited to see students now grooming cats with my videos, instructions and support.

I am a Qualified Veterinary Nurse, Pet Stylist and Master Cat Groomer, available for your cat grooming education needs.

Come join me on your cat grooming journey, I promise you will not be disappointed, I have a 30day money back guarantee for all courses.

More information on my courses here


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