Making the most of Christmas Time

Christmas time, and the summer in general (in Australia) is the busiest time of year and you need to make the most of it to keep your books full year round.

Re-booking this time of the year can make or break the slow season.

First you need to discuss seasonal coat changes and needs with the owner before or after the groom.  Ask why the cat came to you, every owner came for a reason, and you have a resolution for this, but it is not a permanent solution, it is temporary, so you need to discuss this with the cat owner.  Here is my basic reasons and resolutions to prove the need for re-booking.

Hairballs-  Needs clipping or bathing and de-shedding regularly, so regular grooming is needed so re-booking is required.  Too long between appointments lead to the cats becoming uncomfortable and can lead to big vet bills.

Matting- It is best to remove the mats now with clipping and go on a preventative bath and blow-dry or regular clipping schedule, as if you wait until the cat is matted, the cat will  get harder to groom every time, eventually requiring sedation in some cases. So, re-booking is required.

Allergies-  to pet and owner, regular grooming is needed to remove dander and excess coat.  Allergies to cats are not once a year, dander is year round so regular grooming is required.

As you see most reasons from grooming require a regular schedule.  The only reasons for grooming that do not require a regular schedule are seasonal such as heat and grass seeds.  The cat will still need to be groomed a minimum of twice in this season.  I do not recommend once a year grooming as most once a year cats are harder to groom and have more chance of revealing skin conditions, cutting of skin, so the price should be much more.

Remind clients that cats can be groomed in winter by bath and brush-out or full clip as they have double and triple coats so do not seem to feel the cold (and most live indoors).

Pushing that little bit to re-book this once as you recommend it for optimal cat health can lead to all year clientele, and less of a slow season for cats.  This year, in my salon, with two cat groomers, filled every cat grooming space we had even in winter.

During the Christmas season you can use added extras onto the appointment to make extra money without overbooking yourself.

Just a few ideas I do-

I get soft claws nail caps in Christmas colours (which you can paint on if you have the time)

Scented extras such as bay rum and candy cane chubbs bars or bay rum cat-a-tonic that smells very much like gingerbread make a great add on or free extra.

Temporary tattoos using blow pens are also a cute add on.

Progroom has recently brought out a foaming berry facial that can be used dry with cat grooms.

Adding an under body short clip to a bath and brush-out can be a quick add on too.

Making simple cat collars from pretty ribbons and diamante trim look great for Christmas.

Having some red and green mice, bagged cat treats or stick toys can make you a quick dollar, that will be quickly added this time of year.

The only thing I add is be wary of ingredients in any products you add this time of year that you don’t usually use on cats and remind clients any decorations you put on their pet should not be left on unattended.

Emergency grooms- Those who are extremely matted that cannot be fit in anywhere else, you can groom after dogs one day or before others and come early.  This appointment would require and emergency fee as outside your normal hours.  This time of year people get desperate, and to compensate for an extra hour at the most you can make some extra cash.

As you can see Christmas can be positive for you salon and is an important part of your whole years takings so don’t hold back on asking if they would like an extra service or re-booking to avoid disappointment.

Any questions feel free to email me   🙂

Lexie the Cat Groomer

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