What equipment do I need to start Cat Grooming?

Whether you are starting out in Cat Grooming, or adding to your services, here is the list of what I recommend in a basic Cat Grooming Kit.


High Non-slip table

A5 blade type clippers (eg. Heiniger Saphir Clipper, Wahl Km10 or Oster Pro 3000i)

Steel blade/s: #10 (7F if ceramic not available)

Ceramic Blade/s: #7F (3F or 4F if looking at teddy clips in future)

Mini Trimmers or #30 blade for pads (eg. Heiniger Mini, Wahl Bravura Mini, Shear Magic mini)

Short 6inch thinning scissors for around head, tops of feet

Non-scented baby wipes

Small Dog Nail Clippers

Clipper oil spray and disinfectant

Veterinary Elizabethan Collar (easy to snap on/off type)

First Aid kit

Greyhound comb

Cat Comb (gripsoft fine comb)

Shedding Comb (Gripsoft shedding comb)

Mini Persian type comb


Shampoo Dilution Bottles

Cat/Clarifying Shampoo (Progroom Xtra Clean, Petway Clarifying, Secret Weapon Apple Cider Vinegar)

Shower hose

Happy Hoodie/Show tech ear buddy

Large bath sheets (towels) for wrapping

Dryer with an adjustable dial (eg. Lanton, Shernbao Cyclone, Aelous Cyclone.)

Small Nail Clippers

Greyhound Comb

Pin Brush

Shedding Comb

To see a full list, see my online Professional Courses Bathing the Feline, and Clipping the Feline.

To see the full list for professionals, for cat owners.


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